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Many ask "Virga, what's that?"

Well, virga is that hanging veil of moisture seen under storms in the desert. Whether rain or snow, it never reaches ground, evaporating during it's fall from the sky. Virga is beautiful and fleeting, like many moments in life. My desire is to capture and those share those moments in hopes others are inspired to venture out in search of their own virga.


I grew up with a camera in my face. This was generally accompanied by rolling eyes and groaning at my journalist Dad, who was holding the camera. Something about that experience must have rubbed off subconsciously because as I matured a camera accompanied me on all sorts of adventures. After a decade spent as a climbing bum in Montana, a few dedicated years racing mountain bikes, and nearly a decade in healthcare, I delved more deeply into photography as a way to slow down and to document adventures as a visual journal. 


Now, living in Grand Junction, CO with my wife Keri and our cat Meowzers, I am an adventure focused photographer equally at home on a mountain bike, paddling whitewater, skiing in the backcountry, or hanging off a frozen waterfall. I'm comfortable being uncomfortable while exploring unique places, with camera in hand, to help tell a unique story in the wilds of nature or in town.


I have worked with The American Whitewater Journal, City of Grand Junction, Patagonia, SHREDLY, Outside Magazine, Alpacka Raft, Spoke and Blossom Magazine

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